Become a member, make a difference!

Becoming a member doesn’t just mean you have to volunteer, make cupcakes or show up at a meeting.  It means you support your PTA and what it does for Level Creek.

This year we are blessed to have Eileen Hill and Shellie Edge leading our membership committee with new ideas and incentives to get EVERYONE involved.  They are balls of energy who are passionate about our organization and getting all involved!

Haven’t joined yet? Fill out a membership form and send it in with your child (don’t worry, it will get to us).

Already a member and want to upgrade your membership level? Fill out another membership form and submit your new membership level request along with a check (less your first level) and we’ll make sure you are at the membership level that is right for your family.

Not sure what all the PTA does?  Check out all the recent things we’ve done…