The end of the school year most certainly does not look like anything we had planned.  Knowing there will be no gatherings allowed before the end of the school year, the PTA has made the difficult decision to cancel any further events this year.  Sadly, that means there will not be a 5th grade carnival or traditional promotion ceremony.  We cannot know for sure when it will be deemed safe to congregate and we do not want you to leave you in limbo.  Given that fact, the PTA will be returning the $35 Fifth Grade Activity Fee to each family that paid.  You can expect to receive your refund check by mail before  May 31, 2020.

Our 5th grade committee did such an amazing job fund raising this year that all of the expenses to this point will be covered and we can offer the refund. We certainly want to recognize the accomplishments of our students in some way and the members are brainstorming how that will look exactly.  Please be on the lookout for any plans the 5th grade committee has to honor the LCE students.

The PTA thanks you for your support while your child was at Level Creek and we feel your disappointment in our current situation.  We wish our families and students all the best as you move to the middle school.

A huge THANK YOU to Beth Drummonds and her committee for doing an amazing job this year!  She has planned all the events, changed out bulletin boards and been to EVERY fund raising function!!!  Her dedication to this years class has given us the ability to refund  your fees and still have money left over to treat the kids with something special given the circumstances.  If you see Beth around, please tell her thank you!