So they’ve finally made it down every hall in the school and are now on the 5th grade hall.  This is BIG DEAL!  They are the kings and queens of the school, right?  Well, kind of.  They are bigger than all the rest but that also means they get to have the most fun!  New clubs are open to them and new adventures await.  But, more importantly… it’s their last year of elementary school!!!! (cue the tears for us but not for them).

The 5th Grade Committee is a team of 5th grade parents who are committed to making their final year at Level Creek the best year ever.  Imagine a year with exclusive t-shirts (2 actually), fun activities only they can attend (both at school and outside of school) and… a carnival with bounce houses, rides, food and more!  All this is made possible by the events this group hosts and fund raise for.

All the information you need for your 5th grade PTA activities will be located here.  Upcoming event little Johnny ‘just’ mentioned?  Check this web page to find out the details.  Trust us, it will happen, something will slip through a Friday folder and accidentally get “filed” away.  No worries at all.  All the information you need is right here.  Also, don’t forget to fill out your 5th grade dedication page to your child.  This is a special shout-out that only 5th graders get in our yearbook!

Your 5th Grade Committee Chair is Beth Drummonds. Feel free to contact her for any questions or to volunteer at a 5th grade event.

Next Upcoming Event:

11/22 – Spirit Stick Sales (proceeds go towards 5th Grade events)
1/17 – Spirit Stick Sales
2/19 – Spirit Night at Rockin Jump
2/21 – Spirit Stick Sales
3/9-3/24 – Food Drive for Service Project