Wow, who would have ever thought digital learning days would be for something other than snow?!  We are currently in a very unusual time. So many events and activities were planned that we never thought we would need a “plan B” for… but here we are.  Please know that we are working closely with the school regarding all things PTA related.  When we are faced with decisions affecting everyone, we take into account all 1,079 students and their families that we serve.  We are actively working behind the scenes for our school and children and we promise to continue to do so.

In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and stay connected. Pray for those on the front line, those struggling with this virus and those who have lost the battle. We are living in a moment in history we never thought we would.  Show grace in all things as we don’t know each others circumstances. How we handle this all is what will be remembered.