• Now Accepting Yearbook Photos!

    Share your memories from school events with everyone!  We'd love to include you in the 2019-20 Level Creek Yearbook.  Send photos now for: First day of school Unity Day Farm Day Reflections All Pro Dads Chick-fil-A Spirit Nights 5th [...]

  • Let’s Plan the Parties

    This year we are helping our classroom coordinators streamline the party process!  Instead of asking for $5 here, $10 there, we are asking for a one-time payment of $23 that will cover all the fun things planned for your [...]

  • All Pro Dads

    The next All Pro Dads meeting will be on February 21st at 7:30 in the cafeteria. Come join us and experience the amazing teachings of Steve and Brad.

  • Join our Facebook Group

    Have a question and need an answer? Join our Facebook page and find it quick! We utilize our Facebook page as one of our major communications with parents.  Join today and stay up to date on what's not only [...]